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Subject:RE: help in restoration Date:Thu Apr 7 12:35:27 2011
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Welcome Chuck,
Sorry but I got a good chuckle from your post.

Is there Anything close to Moab, Utah?
Otherthan great camping, WhiteWater Kayaking, Mountain Biking, and Rock Climbing.....
My brother lives in ParkCity so we get down often.
We did have a Scat in ParkCity for a few years, and I think there are maybe two other Lightweight Harleys in ParkCity. Never met anyone, but maybe one of those guys may read the group?

Sorry no real help.
Good Luck, Ride'm Rocky

Hi all, My name is chuck and I am new to all this p/c stuff.Don't like change I guess.Butttt I own a 52S hummer and need help in some restoration work. Yesterday I found this web site and found a couple of names but was hoping I might find someone closer to where I live,which happens to be Moab,Utah. If anyone has any info please send it my way.The bike isn't in real bad shape,but it doesn't look like it rolled off the show room floor either.Thanks for your time.There are some really great looking lightweights on this web site.Hope I can add another one soon. Chuck