From:EDD McGrath Electronic:whenisell -A-
Subject:September 1950 ENTHUSUAST magazine Date:Wed Apr 13 21:29:52 2011
I was one of the young guys who rode Harley lightweights in the early 1950’s. I had a 1952 125 bought as a nearly new bike in August 1953. By registering with HD I was a subscriber to the ENTHUSIAST magazine. That magazine was usually 24 page little book. Each year in the fall Harley would announce their new models. Harley announced the features of their new bikes. The information in those issues should be a great help to restorers.
A few weeks ago I found a copy of the September 1950 issue announcing the 1951 models. The Harley 125 got the “Tele-Glide” fork that year. There are several drawings and photographs of the 125 in this announcement issue.
Many of you may have this issue, but if you don’t I would be willing to send you a copy of some of the issue by email. My address is