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I looked up Aermacchi forks on Ebay not as a "you need to use these forks" but as "if you want to you might find parts for them as this kind of fork". I was wrong these arn't 175-250 forks, probably 125SX. The stock ones are available "around" if you want them.

230596758063 a set of tubes & sliders from a 175-250 note these have no fender mount & have reflectors on the slider.

120692925315 a set of SX125 forks very similar to the ones mounted on the '58 fender mounted high on the slider.

250789192769 '71 rapido forks note the fender attachment lower than the ones on the '58 but similar triple tree.

They are likely Harley... well Harley/Aermacchi any way.

Good project

Front end kind of looks like a Harley rapido.
(inner\outer primary case appears to be FXE shovelhead )

Amy I agree with Dave (& he's one of the best) further the front end & bars are likely from a 175 or 250 Harley about 73-77 (are the bolts on it metric?).

I'd guess this is a 58 (though the serial# could prove me wrong) the earlier bikes had the horn above the chain guard. The frame, engine & front end may have been collected from most anywhere at about any time.

My suspect the way this as a project would be: get the motor going do the running wiring & ride it around the parking lots, back yards & pastures around home. Then gather headlight & tail light with goal of getting it on the road.

Good times, Enjoy yourself..



The engine, frame, rear wheel and various parts are from a Harley Model 165. It could be either 1953 or 1958 - depending on the 2nd digit of the serial number. It's more likely to be a 58 STU than a 53, but you'll have to look closely at the serial number. The last part would be 3104, not 310A.

The gas tank is from a Hummer or later model - it lacks the key switch used on the Model 165.

The front end and handlebars are from some other kind of bike - not sure what - maybe someone else can identify it.

You've got quite a project there. I'd suggest aiming for a cool "rider" rather than a complete restoration. If the front end works well, then find a fender that fits it.


I was wondering if someone could please tell me what model this is? The casting numbers from the engine are:
53 or 58 STU 3104 or 310A. I'm trying to figure out exactally what i have so i can start the restoration process. Any info you may have would be helpful. Thanks