From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:Colors Update - Attn: Mutt and Robbie (Part 2) Date:Fri Apr 15 21:49:27 2011
Response to:15693
Robbie & Mutt,

I do not have any of the Accessory Catalogs. These would certainly be important assets in the search for the factory documented "correct" colors.

Can you scan or xerox what you've got and e/snail-mail them to me?

I am totally unaware of the '54 wide stripe/panel. Pictures / drawings / whatever you've got.


And the '55 accessory catalog, often a good source of other info, does not list any special paint options for '55 models.
That is all I find here. Ad as Mutt said, many two tone examples exist, but usually there is some documentation. Such as the wide stripe/panel on '54 models. It appears as a "Spring Special" in the accessory catalogs. nothing appears for '55s.