From:Doug Miller Electronic:radarsprint -A-
Subject:RE: 48-49 frame, footpegs Date:Sat Apr 16 12:09:59 2011
Response to:15699
I doubt the early frames ever had folding pegs, look in the parts book for the years the folding pegs fit.

If you are to put the solid pegs back on the bike Duane of Taylor Classics makes a replacement peg mount. I welded one if his new peg mounts on my 48. The plumping leveling and aligning the pegs to the frame was a project but do-able with a carpenters level, a ridged ply table, 1X2s, sheetrock screws and string-lines,. Mine took an afternoon.


I have a frame that has a coil mount hanging from top bar; this should denote that it is a 1948-49 frame. This frame however has folding footpegs--the welding looks a little amatuerish. My question is--did any 48-49 frames have folding footpegs or has someone modified it. I need an expert opinion on this before I continue with this bike. I have another butchered frame that has the rigid footpegs that I can make the correction with if this is indeed modified. Thanks for your help and Hi to all I met at Eustis.