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Subject:RE: RE: speedo dave hennesy Date:Sun Apr 17 17:07:02 2011
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Bud, Dave, The 165 - super 10 seems to have a trip Odo, could this be the difference?



Thank you. You're right - it looks the same.

The Topper Parts Catalog lists 67010-59 for 60-early 62, and 67010-59A for late 62-up. The cable core and casing also went from -59 to -59A. What's the difference? Maybe the guys at the Topper Club can tell us.

There's also a -60 Topper speedometer that reads in Kilometers.

I've already put your picture on the "speedometer index" page. What's your last name? I'll give you credit for the photo on the "click" page when I do it in the next few days.


Why are Topper speedometers even on the Hummer Club web site? Way back in the early days of the Club, we considered being a "Lightweights Club" covering both Hummer and Topper. But it seemed better to do a small job well, rather than a bigger job poorly. So we stuck with Hummers.

this is a picture of an early topper speedo that is on a 60-a topper that the man has owned since 62 or 63 it dosn't look any different any thoughts?