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Subject:RE: RE: VIN Date:Sun Apr 24 22:42:39 2011
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Doug is correct - the only serial number on the bike is on the left side of the engine near the front motor mount.

The first two digits of the serial number are the (19)XX year.

If the motor says 65 BTH 1009 and the title says 65 BTH 1009, you're good to go.

A fumble-fingered clerk at the DMV typed "64" into the "YEAR" block instead of "65". You can get that corrected - bring documentation and expect to spend a couple hours at the DMV. I've had a couple of similar problems corrected.

If the serial number on the bike does NOT match the serial number on the title - pass on the deal, or determine how much to reduce your bid price for "NO TITLE".

If you live in Ohio - just pass. The "title services" will provide you with a registration and bill of sale from a non-title state (typically Alabama). Maryland will accept that with no problem. Ohio says "NO WAY". Your state may vary.

In the past, it was pretty easy to get new titles for old cars or bikes that didn't come with one, but today, some states are making it extremely difficult. Others are no problem. Depends on where you live.


See, How-To-Restore, Chapter 2, on this website

The number of 1009 is so early that it would be easy to have had the title mis-registered as to year. It was probably sold in sept. or so 1964, but may have been earlier.

The vin on these bikes is in the front motor mount only. None on the frame.


Before I buy my 1st Hummer I have a couple of questions:#1-the title says 1964, the VIN is 65BTH1009. If it's a 64 shouldn'nt the VIN start with 64? #2-where is the VIN located on the bike so that I can verify the title VIN# with that on the bike?
Thank you.