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Subject:RE: HELP - Anyone - 1955 Model 165 literature Date:Tue Apr 26 13:03:41 2011
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Hi Dave Yes I do have original 1955 165 flier and Yes Black was offered, Travis "The Harley Hummer Nut"

Help! Does anybody have any factory literature which tells what colors were available on the 1955 Model 165?

I'm very near completion of a total revamp of How-To-Restore Chapter 60 - Colors. I've consolidating information from The Legend Begins, Season Order Blanks, 1958-1966 Lightweight Service/Parts/Colors/Accessories, GES 30143 and other factory documents - these documents are often contradictory.

The one (answerable) question that remains is whether Black was available on the 1955 Model 165. I think not, but need the documentation to prove it.