From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: Oley - Hummer Hospitality Tent Date:Wed Apr 27 20:23:10 2011
Response to:15764

I'm packing a few things to sell or trade:

* a pair of 3.50x18 Goodyear Super Eagle 2ply tires

* ammeter bracket (can't remember whether it fits early or late regulator)

* WISCO H-3 battery (original box, but I think it had acid it in at one time and was drained out)

* pair of saddlebag hangers for the 1961-up Pacers with 16" wheels.

* if they fit in the crate, a pile of mostly NOS brake backing plates think they're mostly early years


Oley - Hummer Hospitality Tent