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Subject:RE: Oley - Hummer Hospitality Tent Date:Wed Apr 27 20:36:25 2011
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Dave- I expect to attend and to bring my beautifu 1954 Golden Anniversary original unrestored 572 mile bike for sale. I will be selling it for far less than I have in it. See you Friday hopefully.-Dave Schlenoff cell 410-456-6620

Oley - Hummer Hospitality Tent

The Hummer Hospitality Tent is leaving for Oley tomorrow (Thursday) at noon. Cold beer will be available around dinnertime, and continue until Saturday night. Can't fit the grille on the truck, but we'll have chips and pretzels. And the food vendor at Oley is excellent and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And they have ice!

Many Hummer Club members attend this event: Jim & Mary Godwin (Jim's H-D Mendon Ohio), Richard Duda, Jim Garrett, Mike Paquette (Worhsam Castle), Stan Waite (Motor Rebuilding Service), Wayne Hagler (Heather's Leathers), Dave Schlenoff, Ben Whittemore, Chuck Bent, Dave Croft, John Fairgrieve, Robin Pinch and many more. There's a rumor that we might even get an airmail delivery from Duane Taylor.

Brent Dugan and I are looking forward to seeing many old friends and making new ones. See you at Oley!


P.S. Check the Hummer Club section of the website for some historic Oley photos.