From:Martin Electronic:joker2 -A-
Subject:RE: OLEY! Date:Sun May 1 08:31:38 2011
Response to:15774
Get Duane past them guardians O the Bell and He will geter fixed to never crack again.

Duane and Janet made it! So did everyone else!!!!! (photo's to soon follow) You may hear rumors of a wild party that included me.....and burn-outs and drag racing. Party? Guilty. Drag racing and burnouts? It happened....but it wasn't us. Just a bunch of old farts, a bottle of whiskey and tall tales of younger times talking loud because we can't hear clear anymore. Someone complained. Motorcycle Meet, whiskey, old farts reliving their younger days....2am.....he##....I missed my nap and so did they. There were times when we were still partying when the sun came up. To those that complained all I can say is....get a life....I found mine years ago and I'm not giving it up. Motorcycle people rock! p.s. Duane and Janet are going to go see the Liberty Bell. Duane said he's going to fix the crack.......