From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: 58 hummer seat Date:Wed May 11 21:13:44 2011
Response to:15810
Does the seat look like it used to be on a Bucking Bronco ride from back in the disco days?

If so, it's a 52500-51 or 52500-52 Buddy Seat. They're really hard to find these days, but I'm sorry to say, not many people are typing to find one. Hang on to it! Disco may be the next nostalgia craze.

Find yourself a nice warm buddy who wants to ride behind you, or, failing that, get yourself a solo seat. Heather's Leathers or Worsham Castle - in the PARTS section.

I'll try to scan a drawing of this seat from the parts book in the next few days.


I have a 58 125 the seat that came with the bike is huge, i thought maybe it had been replaced because all the restored bikes I see have solo seats ,,,,although I havve seen unrestored pics of a 57 165 with the huge seat..DID THE 58 HUMMER ORIGINALLY COME WITH THE BIG SEAT AS AN OPTION??????