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Subject:RE: Hopefully a bunch of pictures of my 1955 165ST Date:Tue May 17 16:38:30 2011
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Thanks so much for all of your help and opinions - I really do appreciate it. Dave and Brent were kind enough to give me their 2 cents worth and in the Land Of The Hummer their 2 cents is worth more than gold. :)
Speaking of gold, there seems to be blue paint under the black - I think I read that Atomic Blue was a correct color for that year - but I thought I saw some white, too.
If I find out that the blue is the original and IF I get it repainted I guess I should go for the blue? I can't quite picture it blue and the black is BAD but we'll see how far I get with it.
Thanks again.

I hope I posted this right. I know a lot of pictures are needed for you experts :) to give me an idea of what my bike might be worth. I think these show the good, the bad, the ugly and the GREAT!
I apologize if I put the pics up wrong. Oh and I bought the tank things separately at a flea market but I think they are the correct ones?? Yes? I also have the original owners manual.
Thanks for any help. I guess I'm really ready to sell it
:( to the right person for the right price. It was totally rewired 25? years ago and it was running way back when.