From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:Had to push the Hummer home Date:Sat Jun 11 19:57:35 2011
I'm embarrassed!

I took my Hummer out for a 10 mile ride late this afternoon. Heading home, I got about a half-mile from my house, when it shut off with that distinctive "out of gas" sound.

The tank was half-full, so it wasn't that. I could get it started with half-choke, but it immediately died - with that out of gas sound. Try again, wouldn't start. Wait a minute or two, started but immediately died.

I wanted to open up the main jet, and see if I could dislodge any crud in there, but I didn't have a dime, or anything else to turn it with. Had a similar problem several times, and loosening/tightening the main jet fixed the problem - it allowed some little piece of crud to pass through.

A quick scour of the roadside didn't reveal any screwdriver-like objects, so I had a decision to make - mess with it out on the roadside, or push it the 1/2 mile home on a straight and level road.

Well, I hate to admit it, but I took the lazy way - I pushed. Tomorrow, I'll have to see what's wrong. Sounds like a clogged main jet, or float bowl or gas line or (hope not) clogged strainer in the tank. There's some crud in there somewhere.

I hope you took your Hummer for a ride this weekend, but without the pushing part. Let's hear your story!