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Subject:RE: Model 125/165 Horn Question Date:Mon Jun 13 22:44:03 2011
Response to:15957
Mike and Mutt,

Thanks for your research. I've started a Horn chapter in How-To-Restore as Mike suggested - it's _very_ preliminary at this point.

As usual, the answers often bring forth more questions!

Bruce Palmer's "How To Restore Your Harley-Davidson" has a lot of information about horns. And some possible MIS-information! Palmer describes 9 different D-R-16 horns from 1930-1963. Yeesh!

Palmer describes the 69002-47B as a "Model 16", and says it "is used on 1958-1961 Servi-Cars and 1957-1961 XLCH, and on 1953-1959 ST 165cc models. It is also similar to the 67002-47 and 67002-47A horns used on the 1948-1952 Model 125."

He goes on "At present, the differences between the 69002-47B and 69002-47 and 69002-47A escapes [sic] me, since I have not been able to examine one [sic] lately".

Mutt says he has seen some early 4-lam horns with "16" - perhaps Bruce saw similar ones.

Palmer also describes a 69002-47C horn used on the 1962-1963 Servi-Cars - but then he says that it is narrower than the older horns, has 4 laminations which are held on by a large nut.

Mike - more pictures please!

Mutt - got any pictures of the code number "paint-stamped"? Can you take another look at the "-62" horn - does it match Palmer's descriptions?

Everyone - got a NOS horn? How about posting a picture of the front and back?


A few weeks ago Dave posted a question about the difference between the horns used on the lightweights over the years. I discovered today that the only difference between the early 2-leaf and the later 4-leaf is that Delco-Remy quit using the "16" designation and marked them as "Type M", there appears to be no other difference, internally both types are identical, externally the only difference is the 2 extra leaf tabs for the mounting bracket. Dave, I have a bunch more pictures I could you if you want to add a horn chapter to the how to restore section. check the response to your original question, I posted a pic of a 2-leaf DELCO-REMY-16