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Subject:DIXON CA MEET A ROUSING SUCCESS Date:Mon Jun 20 14:58:00 2011
Dixon was a success. lots of people, fun, questions.
On the picture here is the surprise celebrity guest. her name is Madeline. Her dog Spuds is with her. She is a bit artial to the 51s.
Dean Hummer, Duane Taylor, and Mutt Hallam spent a lot of time discussing (b-s'ing?) about hummers and lifes experiences!
my 1962 pacer BT hifi purple rec'd 97 3/4 points in her first showing in unrestored original class! I was quite excited.
I am sending Dave Hennessey a cd of pictures. hopefully he will make a page with them!
Gene Underwood and John Dutra
West Coast Representatives
Harley Hummer Club