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Subject:RE: RE: SHADE TREE MECHANIC APOLOGY Date:Mon Jun 20 23:02:40 2011
Response to:15988
punk2    /pʌk/ Show Spelled[puhngk] Show IPA

e. an apprentice, especially in the building trades.

Im sincerely sorry you took my comment as an insult requiring an apology. this is the definition I was using.
so in this regard, I shall now call myself the new young punk.
Sincerely, Gene

Here is a formal apology to John Dutra.
Using the term "new young punk" was not intended as an insult, but rather as "tongue in cheek" to differentite from one of the veteran harley hummerites.
Sorry it was taken as an insult...I apologize.
Sincerely, F Gene Underwood (AKA "Underwear" to John)

Here is an excellant example of one of the pioneers in Hummerdom teachin a new young punk
This is Mutt showing John Dutra how to work on a hummer in your own backyard with nuthin but a tree, rope, and a hammer!!
Good times good times.