From:bruce rogers Electronic:bruce22051 -A-
Subject:RE: SHADE TREE MECHANIKIN Date:Wed Jun 22 22:43:28 2011
Response to:15987
2 grey haired guys being called a "punk" is a joke.

anyone who is insulted is "retarded",,,,,im sorry,,i mean,,,,,,,"special",,,i mean "special needs",,,,,

i mean,,,,,,,whatever.
go jump in a lake if your insulted.
should we check with your mommy if it's ok to post a fun light hearted message next time.?????

Here is an excellant example of one of the pioneers in Hummerdom teachin a new young punk
This is Mutt showing John Dutra how to work on a hummer in your own backyard with nuthin but a tree, rope, and a hammer!!
Good times good times.