From:Mac Chandler Electronic:Hummer9 -A-
Subject: Gratitude Date:Sat Jul 2 22:44:05 2011
Hi folks - I haven't been on for a while but still have some hummers and parts and lots of intrest.
I want to thank all the diffrent guys that have helped me with parts , knowledge, services or whatever in the past.
That includes Mut , Duane, Leroy, Brent, Richard and more .
Just reciently one of the hummer parts suppliers sent me a part (small gasket or something) for a hummer or 45 and it included a note that reminded me of something that I hadn't paid for -- I lost the info , so I hope YOU remember (you must - I got the note) and will email me .
OK GUYS , I know it would be funny if you ALL sent me a bill , but PLEASE - just the one I owe , lol
Thanks again guys - I hope to come to a meet someday where some of you guys will be attending , I'd like to thank you in person .
Have a GREAT 4th !! (and safe)