From:BIll Christensen Electronic:nokomis -A-
Subject:1950 motor questions Date:Mon Jul 4 15:43:24 2011
OK I have two 1950 motors one with a early S.N. 1861 & one with 4820, the early one has no steel bushings in case for main bearings, the later one does. the other thing I spoted was that the early one has straight screw driver (case screws)slots for the engine. and the other has phillips. If this correct? then thats fine, but what else should I looking for beween early and late 1950"s.
The small end of rod has bronze bushing, the late one has bearing

One more thing did all the 50 front ends have the stops weld in them because the early does not and the late one did. at first I was thinking someone over the years has changed it out. (but now Iam wondering did some early ones go out this way)