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Subject:RE: Stock in Ebay keeps going up, and up, and up! Date:Thu Jul 14 00:50:40 2011
Response to:16096
Keep in mind that if youd bought 1 share of ebay on its first initial public offering, just a few years ago (2002), you would now own many share due to several 2 for 1 splits.

If you bought 1 share initially, it then later split 2 for 1, so then you would own 2 shares. Then a very short time later it split 2 for 1 again, which means you would now own 4 shares.

I dont think Ebay is going down anytime soon!
Great investment in my opinion!

1 share of Ebay would have cost $12, 3 years ago.
Today, it closed at over $32, and just today J.P. Morgan upgraded its opinion on Ebay, and gave it a price target of $38.