From:Alex Helwig Electronic:ajhwoodworks -A-
Subject:Speedo test Date:Fri Jul 22 22:11:28 2011
Is there any way to see if a speedo is working. I Had mine
rebuilt a few months ago and am just getting around to
installing it in a frame with wheels (no motor). When I sit
on it and coast the bike around (3-5mph tops) nothing
registers on the speedo. I am wondering if I need to be going
faster for the dial to move at all. The only thing I know is
when I disconnect the housing from the speedo and spin the
wheel I see the speedo drive shaft spin. Then when I connect
it to the speedo I have to spin the wheel a little to get it
to line up with female end in the speedo so I am assuming that
it seating correctly in the speedo, but like I said the needle
doesn't move when I spin the wheel.