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Subject:RE: RE: RE: Sturgis? Date:Sat Jul 30 21:17:47 2011
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In 1978 I took my "restored" 1960 BT to Bowling Green Kentucky, for the first "ALL HARLEY DRAGS" and "BIG BOOGIE" weekend, I was 21, although I must have felt much older....
It was one "fun" weekend, saw and learned much. lol
Never forget riding my SUPER 10 and three guys stopped me, decked in leather and colors, the lead guy, with the yellow shaded wrap around sunglasses, with only one lense..
probably help with the color recognition..took his BUCK knife out and as he cut the bandage off his new wrist tattoo. He said "What kind of motorcicle is that"?
I said a Harley..he had doubts I could tell. One of his partners said, "LOOK IT SAYS TELE-GLIDE" and we were home free from then, everybody gave a big sigh and laugh.
Saw the Sturgis story, been there too, the light weights are a big part of H-D history, RIDE PROUD!
I took my '57 5 years ago. It ran down Main Street, I parked it and it didn't start
when I returned. So I had to push it back to my pick up. This year I'm taking the
'66 Sprint.

I bet a lot of heads turn when you go Hummin' by!

For the last 3 years I have taken my 1952 125 to Sturgis. I take one day and ride
into town and up and down main st. I have never seen another one. Does any
one else take theirs?