From:Bill christensen Electronic:nokomis -A-
Subject:parts and projects Date:Tue Aug 9 22:02:49 2011
A friend of mine and myself have about 12 motors, frames, wheels most date mid 50's 165cc and 125cc, some 48 parts,
couple rolling baskets, some roll over some are stuck. couple sets of buck horn bars with risers. not a lot of fenders but a few. gas tanks. a running 57, I think we are done picking out what we wish to keep, and are looking to sell the rest. you can get ahold of me 8:00-4;30 cst @ 515-332-2753 this is my work phone. (we will be at Davenport we could deliver some of this but not all) some but not all are at my shop in Humboldt Iowa. some cushman stuff, a eagle, a 720 series, a high lander. dont know years on the cushmans your lucky I came up with this much decription
one vespa 1971 turns over.