From:Dr. Pepper
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Davenport Date:Sat Sep 3 12:41:07 2011
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Anna,Les Your not alone,,The tents not there but the people are ~~you just don't know who they are and how to find them,,,start with the guy with the most Hummer parts-hang around and BS some---After a while the Hummer people come to you---BINGO! Last year my friend Joe and I went to a meet in Pa. and spent a whole day sitting with two fellows with Hummer parts,we talked for hours,,,then the third guy showed up,up untill this point nobody knew each others names----I was in Heaven! I just spent two of the best days of my life with Dave Hennessey,Ron Zwick and Bob Warder,,,,What a trip and I will be there this year also
OK, now you are on your own,,Does that cell phone have a camera ? Take pictures of what you see. when you get back we'll get them posted,,,Try to find Alan,he will be racing.
REMEMBER Your Not Alone


We don't think the Hummer Club had a tent at this meet. I have not seen anyone we know from the club like Mutt, Duane, Dave or Brent so I guess we are on our own.
We will walk through the barn and see your bikes. Thanks, Les and Anna. Our mobile number is 864-314-1926.
I'm on the way to Davenport right now, stopped in Keokuk IA for the night. Didn't bring any Hummers but I did bring a '49 S and a '58 ST to put in the show barn for judging on Sunday. The '58 should make Winner's Circle this year.
So, the big question is; where are all the Hummer Club folks going to be hanging out?

HI Everyone,

Les and I are in Davenport and just wondering if the Hummer club is here? We have not seen any of our friends as of yet.


Les and Anna