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Subject:RE: foot peg installation Date:Fri Sep 16 20:17:17 2011
Response to:16319
Keep in mind that H-D put the rubbers on the pegs in the vertical orientation, but that the pegs on bikes that are folding types are mounted at an angle. So when the peg is a non-folding type it is at 12:00. But on a folding type it is at approximately 2:00. The slot in the folding peg is always in line with the lettering.

For a 1953 Model 165 (and possibly other years/models), what is the correct foot peg orientation? Should "Harley-Davidson" be on the top, bottom, trailing edge, or leading edge of the peg? I've looked at my original Pohlman prints for 125, 165, and Model K foot pegs. The "K" seems to have "Harley-Davidson" on the trailing (rear) part of the peg (rider's manual view with camera looking straight down at the bike). Several end-views of other foot pegs show the mold-line offset 45 degrees from the vertical. None of my 3/4 front views (two-strokes and "K") display "Harley-Davidson" to the viewer. Unfortunately I have no 3/4 rear views of the two-strokes or the "K." All of this suggests that looking from the right side "Harley-Davidson" would be at the nine or ten o'clock orientation (rear of peg). Likewise, this suggests that looking from the left side "Harley-Davidson would be at the three or two o'clock position (rear of peg). So, how about it? Are there any barn fresh "Hummers" that yield an answer? Or is this one of those "fielder's choice" matters that varied on the assembly line?