From:Doug Miller Electronic:radarsprint -A-
Subject:RE: truing rims Date:Tue Sep 27 21:26:14 2011
Response to:16384
pulling a bent rim into true with the spokes is tough. But getting a round and just pulled out of true by the spokes rim true is an exercise in patience.

Loosen the spokes where the rim is to close to the hub, Both the big and the small sides 1 twist, spin the wheel tighten the ones to long (both sides). repeat. Check the tone of the spokes, tonking each spoke with a screwdriver handle will help you find any loose spokes and help judging the spoke tension. repeat wobble check, thinking of the bounce of the rim at the same time. repeat bounce adjust thinking of wobble.

truing wheels may be an art, ---maybe--- patience will allow non-artists to get it done, maybe not.

DO NOT over tighten the spokes, true, then sneak up on tight enough while checking true-ness. Stainless spoke nipples NEED lube, steel should also be lubed.

Do NOT be embarrassed to get someone else to true the wheel many won't do it themselves.


Hey im trying to true some 18 inch rims, i have respoked them and i have gotten must of the side ways wobble out of the rims with in a 32nd of an inch. but im having problems gettint the up and down movement out of the rim... its like it a oval not a circle, please give a rookie some advice,,, thanks Herky