Subject:RE: How to title non Harley Engine Date:Tue Oct 4 22:50:46 2011
Response to:16402
The Harley lightweights (Hummers) only had identification numbers on the engine, nothing on the frame or anywhere else on the bike. So, if the original engine is gone the state will have to issue a title based on the number of whatever engine is currently in the frame or, depending on the state, stamp a new number somewhere on either the engine or the frame (or both). Again, depending on the state, it may, or may not, be titled as a Harley-Davidson, and the year could also vary. If you really want a vintage Harley your best bet is to find an old engine that is correct for the frame.

If the Hummer has a Honda engine, can you still title it as a Harley or do you have to go by the engine # on the Honda engine? I was planning on buying a new or rebuilt Harley Hummer engine. Would I be able to title it as a Harley Hummer then? Do the replica engines have #'s to title? I'm not sure how all this works! Thanks for your help.