From:Mutt Electronic:pigstye13 -A-
Subject:RE: 1954 at Mecum Auction Date:Fri Oct 7 10:33:01 2011
Response to:16413
Who is the "master restorer" the auction speaks of? Looks like he never got his degree in paying attention to details. The bike looks very nice, but is far from being "correctly restored". Don't whine, just take it as "constructive criticism"

1)Wrong tire pump(should be shorter and "all aluminum" not chrome plated brass/steel)
2)The side covers are mirror polished
3)chrome horn cover? Not a option
4)wrong muffler to pipe clamp (should be double lip clamp that started being used in 1952
5)wrong regulator (that one came out in 1956)
6)single color chain (40's to 50's era chains were 2 tone,every other link being blue and every other link being gray)
7)unfinished valve stems (should be blackened brass)
8)risers mounting is all cads and should be black and parkerized (see Fatory pics in Poulman photos)
9)front crash gaurd mounting bolts are the wrong ones and the wrong finish
10)rear brake backing plate grease fitting is cad and should be black.
11) cables are all vinyl and should be cloth
12) unfinished throttle cable adjuster, should be cad
13) chrome plated parts on petcock, should be cad and diecast parts should be gold irridited
14) straight spokes instead of reduced center
15) completely wrong front fender mounting bolts
16) wrong year fork sliders (1955 and later)
17) later model battery case (1060's)
and this is what you can see from pictures. Maybe more if you were standing in front of it.