From:EDD McGrath Electronic:whenisell -A-
Subject:What is a Harley Hummer to you? Date:Sat Oct 8 16:33:32 2011
What is a Harley Hummer to you? I enjoy reading the Hummer posts, and as near as I can discern we, the members of the Hummer Exchange, break down into some general subsets. Some of us are trying to restore a Hummer to recapture a memory or a past desire. Some of us are professional restorers who are in business to make a profit, an honorable help to those of us who can’t or don’t want to do the restoration and some just want a period motorcycle.
I admit that I am here to recapture a memory. I bought my “Hummer” in 1953, a year old bike whose first owner’s parents forced him to sell. I am forever thankful that I bought that bike (with my own earned money) because that little Harley opened a door into the world of motorcycles that still swings open to me. I bought the bike in August 1953, now fifty-eight years ago. In those fifty-eight years since then I married a wonderful woman, we raised kids, we built a business, we served our community, and we traveled…often on motorcycles. In 1985 we joined the Christian Motorcyclists Association, and that choice opened a much larger role for motorcycles in our life. We have ridden motorcycles in a number of countries, and we have made great friendships with people all over the world. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in 2003 by buying a new BMW K1200 LTE that we have used as our touring ride. We have talked about buying a new BMW K1600LTE for our fiftieth wedding anniversary, and if we continue to have good health and good fortune we would hope to buy the BMW in February 2013. Thank you Harley Hummer for opening the door to the world of motorcycling for us.