From:Chuck Maize Electronic:hcmaize -A-
Subject:165/175 jug/piston/flywheels FYI Date:Tue Oct 18 03:48:58 2011
I'm referencing #16457-#16460 just because it's apparently not well-known that the '63-(up?) 175 cylinder will not work with 165 flywheels (175 flywheels are evidently very scarce/costly). (Wonder what years 165 flywheels & jugs would work?)

Why is my '63 destroked? Only because of cost and scarcity of 175 flywheels at the time....

Thanks to this knowlegable forum, now that I know this, guess I must pull the head to see what I have after the rebuild. Apparently it should have had a 165 jug to match the 165 flywheel stroke...or a recess-machined head. (Wonder if the 175 jug could be shortened instead?)