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Subject:RE: L&L S-3 carb Date:Tue Oct 18 22:29:27 2011
Response to:16472
here is a pic of the float covers for the baby Linkerts, the covers were interchangeable so they may not actually correctly identify a carburetor they are attached to, lots of stuff happens over a 50 year span of use and abuse. The S1 was used on the Model S from 48 to 52. The S2 was a one year only for the 53 ST, the S3 was used on the ST 165s from 54 to 58, and the S4 was used from 59 up. See the chart in the How to Restore carburetor and air filter section.

Does anyone have a picture they could email to me of an L&L S-3 carb. Also, is it the correct carb for a '56ST. Thanks again, always for all of the clubs help.