From:Brent Electronic:cdf959 -A-
Subject:RE: RE: Piston needed Date:Tue Nov 1 15:06:19 2011
Response to:16521
No problem. One of our members supplied me with the piston I really needed and that made the one I'm sending you an un-needed spare. Don't over-bore them if you don't have to :-) Best of Luck with the project! (NJ, no power and 20's at night...thank God for generators). Life is still good.

WOW! That was quick,Thank you,Thank you Brent. Brother Boone call me this morning and said he couldn't sleep last night thinking about the piston. The Dr. thinks he has a problem!!! I found him a cherry air cleaner on ebay for his 48 and when he opened the box I thought he was going to cry.
Life is good in Hummer World (and Florida 78-80)

I am trying to find a piston,pin,rings .020 over,part #22005-47 it has the 1/2" wrist pin,,used is OK
Thanks, Pepper