From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:Hummer Club Lending Library Date:Mon Nov 7 17:48:32 2011
Hey everybody,

I just received Phil Kaufman's book "Road Mangler Deluxe" back from its latest round of circulation, and it's ready for another round.

Phil Kaufman was one of the first members of the Hummer Club. Phil's life in the music business included a stint as "Executive Nanny" for the Rolling Stones, stealing Gram Parson's body and cremating it Joshua Tree, many years on the road with Emmylou Harris, and a whole lot of crazy adventures in-between.

I met Mangler backstage at an Emmylou concert in Columbia, MD years ago, and he explained: "When you do your job well, you're a Road Manager. When you screw up, you're a Road Mangler. When you're really good, but screw up, you're a Road Mangler Deluxe". Then he handed me his business card which read "Road Mangler Deluxe".

If you'd like to read about his wild adventures, just respond to this message, and I'll mail the book to you. When you're done, mail it to the next person on the list.