From:Dan Kennedy Electronic:dkennedy785 -A-
Subject:65 Pacer engine Date:Thu Nov 17 13:59:22 2011
Hello to all... First of all a little about me. I live in Spokane WA and I have been around automotive restoration since childhood. I know very little about bikes but have had a fascination for many years. I recently picked up what I believe to be a 1965 Harley Pacer 175cc (number on the engine is 65BT1113). I basically have the frame, fenders, wheels and the engine. The engine has been partially disassembled and appears to be missing some parts. I know this is going to be a big project finding all the parts needed to get it back on the road, but I'm excited to do it and learn as I go.

My introductory question is about the motor. I have rebuilt many car engines before but never a small 2 stroke motorcycle engine. I found a place in Oregon that sells entire rebuild kits complete with service manual and instructions for just over $400. Although I would enjoy learning to do it myself, is this a good price for the kit or are there already rebuilt engines out there ready to drop in that compare to this price?

I'm eager to start this new chapter in restoration and have enjoyed pouring over the wealth of information presented in these pages. I look forward to any input from others who are more experienced and are willing to help a newbe.