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Subject:RE: hummer value/ Date:Tue Dec 6 01:18:47 2011
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I agree a picture would be helpfull!
The chrome horn and chrome luggage rack have me wondering if its pristine original, or a poor restoration?
I cant imagine a brand new bike, that never saw service!
When I worked at a Harley dealership, we would put more than 2 miles on each and every new bike, just to make sure the bugs were worked out, before passing them on to the consumer!
Im not saying it aint so, but lets see some photos!
If so, its priceless!

Have a 1951 Hummer. Never been started. Two miles on odometer from being pushed around garage. Nubs still on tires. Chrome luggage rack. Chrome horn. Pristine. Any idea of it's value? Original manual.