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Subject:RE: RE: Parkerized and Cad Plated parts Date:Mon Dec 12 10:49:28 2011
Response to:16628
Greg, I've never seen the List you request.
Original HD or something others have made up.
But, I've only been playing around with Harley Lightweightds for 25 years.
Maybe that's Why there are so many interesting discussions between AMCA Judges. LOL
If there was a List, that would be too easy.
And every Judge would reference "The List" to support their point docking system.

this is a question that i also have often. if there is such a referance could someone also pass it this way. thanks np

I am restoring a 59B and plan to have it judged. I was told that judging is based on the bike being as original as possible. I am having a hard time finding which parts were originally parkerized and which parts were cad plated.

Does anyone know where I might find a list of parts that were cad plated and parkerized for a 59B?

Also, are there resources where I can find this information for other models/years?

Thanks for your help.