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Subject:RE: RE: insurance Date:Tue Dec 13 03:04:58 2011
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I use Hagerty also. It is FULL coverage, and they ARE easy
to deal with. Very reasonable rates. They do require photos
of the bike(s), and your rate is based on "an agreed value"
of your bike(s). There is a mileage limit of 500 miles per
year on your antique or collectible vehicle. 1-800-922-4050.

I use Hagerty ins. for my 71 chevy pickup and my 55 st 165
hummer with full coverage at an agreed value. they are easy
to deal with.

My 55 ST is almost done so I am in the process of getting it
registered and insured. Can anyone recommend a good
company. Not just for price, but good reputation. I use
for all my insurance needs and I live them. However they
don't do motorcycles anymore, they recommend Progressive.
When calling Progressive they told me I would be better off
with a company that deals with antiques. They said that
would insure me with liability, but if I wanted full
they have a weird policy. Say I can get the bike appraised
and it appraises for 5k. They sell me insurance based on
5k. If I got in an accident and their adjuster says no I
it is only worth 1k, then that is all they would pay me.
Does anyone have a company they have liked working with?