From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: HELP.....Trying to find my first motorcycle Date:Tue Dec 27 12:25:51 2011
Response to:16717

I looked through the old Hummer Club roster of serial numbers, and that one was never reported. No help, sorry.



Originally a 1960 Super 10 HI FI Green with white buddy seat and chrome crash bars. It was bought new in Fairield, Ohio and rumored to have gone to Florida in mid 1960's but could be anywhere by now. Any leads or help would be greatly appreciated. Sure would be nice to see an old friend one more time. Please check your vin#'s and see if you have:

vin # 60 BTU 4040.

Thanks in advance for any help or leads...please call

Don Ellington