From:bill Electronic:snider451 -A-
Subject:parts for sale Date:Sat Dec 31 13:10:45 2011
hi im selling some old parts some have damage or need restored
1)2 sets of fork tubes (slightly bent and rusty

2) 1 set of 48 matching cases no damage just minor corrosion

3)1 set of matching 49 cases no damage just minor corrosion

4)1 frame part # 47454-53 someone welded a bracket on the bottom,(easy fix)

5) one 125cc crank has domage on the threaded end, but rod moves freely and fly wheels are in decent condition with minor surface rust. no pitting that i seen.

6) one set of firestone 3.25x 19 inch original tires with good tread (but minor dry rot)

7) 1 set of pacer scat handle bars with very good chrome they were recently bought a couple of years ago, from one of our vendors. comes with some throttle parts

8)cylinder head part# 20351-47 2 fins are bent but not cracked and it looks like someone installed a heli coil but in overall good shape

9)head light bracket part #67811-51 (needs blasted and painted)

10) topper headlight reflector needs refinished.

im taking offers on all parts would like to get rid of this stuff pictures are available upon request and i will send them to you in a timely manner thanks email or call or text 330-706-7919 thanks