Subject:RE: fork cover bolts Date:Tue Jan 3 19:24:38 2012
Response to:16753
I'm old, my memory isn't what it used to be, the "no washer" comment is one that Jerry put on one of the Pohlman photos for a rubber-band headlight nacelle. I have 5 lightweights (you built the cranks for 2 of them), 4 of them are TeleGlides that I built from piles of unmolested OEM parts, I removed fork covers from a bunch of them, some had washers, some didn't, most had a mixture, nothing matched. The bike that Keith is building is a '51 so I'm pretty sure it should have screws, not CP1038 bolts, the washers are still questionable. The early parts book does not show washers (but they may have been "captured" on the screw (I doubt it). The Pohlman photo for the '51 does not appear to have washers either. I'm an AMCA judge so I'm not trying to be a wise guy, I'm just like the good Dr. Pepper, we're all trying to learn here.

could someone tell me the part # of the fork cover bolts/washers for a '51 125?