From:Brent Electronic:cdfwhatever
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: fork cover bolts Date:Wed Jan 4 22:59:58 2012
Response to:16762
logic, political correctness...all bulls--t. What matters is common sense and observation. What's important here is whether we're happy with what we have or not. You (and other vendors) do a remarkable job....What you and they share have helped many of these bikes come alive again. We all have seen the reactions to our bikes pulling up to a meet, or parking lot....Dave uses his for errands.....people react. They love them. Why do we need AMCA approval? I much more appreciate a strangers smile, nod of approval and the occasional story. I called you a vendor....but you're're just someone who gets what this is all about and shares his love for it. I applaude you. We're preserving history here....a history that todays standards would never accept or appreciate. I'm proud to be a part of it.

So according to the logic, no one will ever be able correctly restore say , like a 1950 or 1951 model.Factory documentation (Pohlman pics) show a really weird petcock on the 1950 models. The 50 was the first year to have a winged petcock, yet factory pics show it with KNURLED KNOBS. The 51 pics show the left fork slider, like that of a Panhead and the fork boots with 14 ribs instead of 10.

Unless they see it in writing, it ainít so.