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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: fork cover bolts Date:Thu Jan 5 10:50:10 2012
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Brent, this is the way I see things.

Some folks want a bike to ride. They could care less if it is "correct" or not. I'm cool with that. I'll build someone anything their heart desires, because in the end, it is their bike and that's what makes THEM happy.

Some people like custom bikes. I'm all for it. I have some myself. My 61 Super 18 racer is WAY far from stock, but it turns heads and it flies. I enjoy riding it and am always looking to modify it for yet more power and more speed.

Some folks like to have a bike that looks bone stock to an untrained eye. I build lots of them.

But some people, are super purist, like myself, that find it a great challange, to try and restore a bike that is the utmost example of "original". Research and lots and lots of searching for the parts breaks the monotony for me.


logic, political correctness...all bulls--t. What matters is common sense and observation. What's important here is whether we're happy with what we have or not. You (and other vendors) do a remarkable job....What you and they share have helped many of these bikes come alive again. We all have seen the reactions to our bikes pulling up to a meet, or parking lot....Dave uses his for errands.....people react. They love them. Why do we need AMCA approval? I much more appreciate a strangers smile, nod of approval and the occasional story. I called you a vendor....but you're're just someone who gets what this is all about and shares his love for it. I applaude you. We're preserving history here....a history that todays standards would never accept or appreciate. I'm proud to be a part of it.