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Harry McGill from San Diego? Remember when you, Kim, and I met at Hennessey's Tavern in Pacific Beach?

Back in the day, we would tune up our car with new points, plugs, and condenser EVERY YEAR. But for some reason, we expect these items to last 50 YEARS in our motorcycles.

Well, they don't. When your Hummer begins to get hard to start, one of the first things you should do is replace the points, plugs, and condenser.

Points and condensers for anything are a little costly these days, but since they probably haven't been replaced in 20 years, it's time.

In the last two years, my Farmall Cub and Gravely 2-wheeled tractor (both magneto ignition) developed starting problems. I messed around with other things first. I finally bit the bullet and bought P,P&C - each started immediately - what a difference!


Yes it's OK to try the condenser from your other mag - you won't hurt anything. Condensers (capacitors) really don't have a voltage rating - except for the breakdown voltage which is normally hundreds of volts.

The rating of capacitance is the farad. One farad is huge, so most capacitors you see are rated in micro-farads (1 millionth of a farad). Unfortunately inexpensive multi-meters can not measure capacitors.

I believe that Harley used the same condenser on big twins and sportsters up until 1978 or so.


Sorry, correction "when they open"


Any 6 volt condensor will do. The purpoes of the condensor is to surpress the arching at the contacts when they. When capicator action weakens a lower output voltage will be produced by the ignition coil, hence weak spark.


I admit it my stuff is not"correct" nor will it ever be, but that's not the post subject.
Ignition condenser- any body know the specs on the ones used for the 165/175 magneto bikes.
Reason is I have a poor starting 175 narrowed it down to the condenser. 6 volt 12 volt through some research there seems to be not a lot of difference other than size it appears that the deciding factor is its "microfarad" capacity. Why can I not yank my good condenser off my Joe Hunt Magneto in my Pan/Shovel and give it a whirl. Its a free standing magneto why would it not work. By any chance has anyone tried a higher Mf. capacity condenser? Am I off Base? Am I gonna blow up my magneto? Got any advice? anyone know where I can find the specs?

Thanks in advance