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Subject:RE: MY VENDORS, . Date:Thu Jan 26 13:05:18 2012
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Good looking racer there Pepper!
Thanks for the kind words.
Hope to see it on the race track, some day soon!

Hi Brian,I've got a lttle story for you about MY vendors. To follow the story we have to go back in time and older post.It all started with a post on the Exchange about RACING HEADS,All of a sudden I have to have one! My reason you ask ~~I wanted to do a couple of laps around the track with Alan at Davenport last year,,sounds like I'm a half bubble out of plumb but its just part of the sickness with these little machines.Look what happened to Ann and Les Zacny. The Webb's got it too.

Not only am I going to tell, I'm going to show you MY vendors. (Hope this works)

POST # 14919 ~~~
~~~The Day I found the parts.

POST #16379
~~~The motor was missing piston and the rod was history (65bth,175)and had to be replaced. Jim from J&M sent me a new rod,Dellorto sent a carb.I boxed up the flywheels and jug then sent out west for some "MUTT MAGIC" and had it back in a week and a half ready for me to assemble.Since this was my first ever lightweight motor I needed much help. I was in contact with MY vendor 4-6 times a day and he talked my through my problems and many questions.

POST #16380
~~~Fun picture,,,Looking for leaks and fitting rear fender. Brother Boone has his 48 on it now

POST #13381
~~~Waiting for tires, Check out the cool exh. from Alan,another one of MY vendors and the adp. on the Mutt.The head from John Floyd (Joe made it fit)

Now to the present picture,,Look real close Doug and you will see a Genuine,Original,Handmade chainguard signed and dated by the "Man Himself" Duane Taylor. Bruce Mackenzie is another ~~All MY vendors are at the top of their game. Sometimes when two plans pass each other at 30,000 feet,their check is on one and my parts are on the other.
With that said I want to Thank all of MY vendors,you made my first and second Hummer project a pleasure and a heck of alot of fun!
Brian, Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

PS. Dave, I solved the time stamp problem~~got a new camera