From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:Screen for fuel valve 62125-55 Date:Sat Jan 28 00:07:10 2012

I need the screen that goes on a 62125-55 Fuel Valve. Anyone got an extra screen or know where to get one?

The 62125-55 has the hose barb end, and is used on other models too. I know most of the repro -50 ones (threaded end) either leak or won't flow. Has anyone bought a -55 that actually works?

My 55 Hummer has stopped running a couple of times while driving down the road. I took out the main jet and let a little gas - and dirt - come out, and then it took me home just fine.

Today I pulled the fuel valve, and guess what - no screen. The tank is in good shape, but apparently there's just enough tiny pieces of dirt in there to work their way down into the carb and slowly clog it up.