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Subject:RE: breadloaf/pillion/buddy seat Date:Sat Jan 28 13:32:26 2012
Response to:16875
Hello Chris.
I have a 62 pacer bt. When I got it, it had a pillion on the
rack. I took it off the bike. It is a wooden base with foam
and leather cover. There were 2 holes drilled thru the top
of the rack and the pillion was connected by being bolted
onto rack and then rack bolted onto the fender as usual.
What I dont know is if it was a factory aftermarket illion
or a handmade one.
Hope this helps.

i have found a couple shots of the luggage rack
pillion/buddy seat while digging
through the site, but was curious if anyone had info,
pictures or diagrams of how
the seats were made and how they attached to the rack. did
they have a sprung
frame inside them or were they foam with a wood base?
any info is appreciated.