From:Keith Electronic:kehughes -A-
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Light/wiring/ignition switch issue??? Date:Mon Feb 13 14:02:47 2012
Response to:16965
Referencing the wiring diagram, should Post #1 on the ignition switch short to Post #2 when the switch is turned two clicks clockwise? When I click one time clockwise, I see the 6 volts on the #5 post and nothing on #2 post which seems correct. But when I go 2 clicks, I still see the same on both posts #5 and #2. I don't see the 6 volts on the #2 post that I thought I should. If this is correct and not a problem, where would be a good place to put my Volt meter across to ensure the switch is working? Im just not real sure on how these ignitions are suppose to operate.

Also, do you have the rest or the 125 wiring diagram? I used a 165 to wire it and would like to see the differences.

Here's the early 125 diagram section