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Subject:RE: looking for info (history) Date:Sat Feb 18 10:55:19 2012
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That's "Little Joe" Weatherly, two time NASCAR Champion. He'd be right around 90 now but was killed the same year Fireball Roberts was killed, I think. Fireball was killed at Daytona and Joe at Riverside I'm pretty sure. He was one of the old style "hell raisers" like Curtis Turner. It doesn't surprise me at all that he was a biker too. I remember him well because I moved to SC in 1962 after living in the Philippines for a couple of years. I was 15 and just started listening to NASCAR Grand National (Sprint Cup now) racing and he was a Holman Moody Ford driver. I was a diehard Ford fan then and Fireball and Joe were both killed in Fords. They, along with Fred Lorenzen and Ned Jarrett were my favorites.

i'm hoping someone might have a little info on a person in this pic in the members section:

the person is joe weatherly. i've just finished going thru a large box of my great uncle's racing pics from the postwar years & have found numerous pics of my uncle with joe. my uncle is 90 yrs old now & still going strong, just curious if anyone has any info they could add on joe.thanks!