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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Winter Ride Date:Mon Feb 27 09:10:26 2012
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Check out the other pretty girl who agreed to pose at our Chapter show:

If you ask a pretty girl "Would you like to model with one of our bikes?", the answer is almost always "Yes". Most girls dream of being models. Don't hurry - spend a little time composing the picture, getting the model in just the right place. Take several poses. Show her the results (now that we have digital cameras). Win-win - she feels good about herself the rest of the day, and you get a memorable photo.

Getting guys to pose is a real problem. Most guys avoid posing for pictures like the plague. So you've gotta get it done in a hurry, or they'll lose interest and walk away.
The exception, of course, is politicians.

So instead of just gawking at pretty girls, I ask them to pose for a picture. What's the worst that can happen? "No" or "You're weird - go away". This results in a slightly bruised ego, but no permanent damage. Or it could result in - scroll down to message #15906.

It's supposed to hit 60 degrees this afternoon. Maybe I'll take the Hummer for a spin - and bring my camera...


Dave: That's a great photo. The Pepper Red bike in the
front looks like a 56B. The blonde looks to be about a 32C.
Just sayin' . . . !!!